Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Me iN DeEp..:)


I just joined a few weeks ago and wanted to say hi. A few words about myself might serve as introduction.I'm n0t been addicted t0 blogger yet but i'm n0t sure if i'll be the next...:))

I have 5 family member :

  1. My brother named Ahmad Mahyuddin is working in Malacca as businessman
  2. My eldest sister Nurrulhidayah is studying in UTM Skudai taking Master on Science(Chemistry).
  3. Nurrulashikin is my 2nd sister and she is now still studying in UiTM City Campus Melaka taking Bachelor in Accountancy
  4. It's me..:))
  5. My youngest brother will be Ahmad Hafizuddin and he is still studying in Sekolah Menengah Mohd Khalid, Johor Bahru.

Abah and Mak,

Where I am today, is what you’re doing in all your life. All the time of your life you never forget about me, your daughter and also your others children’s. I’m really grateful to have you as my parents. For you, we must got more than what you have today. I love you more and more.Once I drop here, in UITM KBM ,you already told me to study hard, don’t play around and I was the only hope to change our life. after this, I’m the one who will help my other siblings. I need to be strong as I stay far from you.

Abang, Akak, Shikin and Hafiz

Thanks a lot, all this time you always helps me. When I’m in blank or not enough money you’re the one who will come in front of me to help me. You never refuse to help me. I’m sorry if all this time I make your life harder. I will never forget your help. All of you give me a lot of support. if not of your support, I will not standing here. Maybe I still at home, just eat and sleep all the time…

My Family,

Thanks a lot. You all completing my life’s hope our happiness will never be less. I love you all more than myself.

I'm not coming from a rich family but yet we are coming as an ordinary family who have lots of HAPPINESS & LOVE from each other. What i want to say next?? hmmm...Well literally speaking, I prefer t0 tell y0u 0ne thing for sure.. Please d0n't judge me in the way you read and l0ok okay..I'm n0t a good person and not either to0 bad pers0n.

I'm just a teenage girl wh0 wants free and full of happiness in her pathway life.. Life is beautiful t0 live f0r, never debate about what has happened in the past because p0stmortem is 0nly f0r c0rpes n0t f0r us the living and l0ving 0nes. So l0ve always. HATE NO ONE!.. When y0u can l0ve y0urself th0ugh y0u d0 l0ts of mistakes, why d0 y0u want t0 hate 0thers f0r their small mistakes???


Monday, March 8, 2010

Ab0ut My MUm

Let me start with a story of my mom and dad as they are my inspiration after all..My mum is Raihanah Bte Mohamed Din. She has 5 siblings and she is the 2nd in her family, f0r me mum is like a rose,the MOST beautiful rose in the universe to her child.A mum knows she can love as many children as she has and that she does not have t0 take l0ve from one child t0 give it t0 another. I'll love you forever even when you can't see me(for sure because I'm in Malacca) huhuhu..., YOU and me are always in each others hearts. That is where home is in my heart where there is an abundance of love, hugs, kisses, and touches.

I know that for my mum, nothing is impossible to her. She will always be her best to make that happen. My mum knows everything even I have been far away from her. She also advise me t0 have at least a good deed in our daily life. She also have a super duper Chef to me as her cooks make me so anxious to eat,,( that's why I fat!! but never mind as long as I can still taste my mom dishes especially 'asam pedas'..yummmyy33). That's my mum. I love you strong2+hard2+deep2..

Thank you for loving and nurtures me. Thank you for giving me opportunity to breath and know what the world is all about. Thank you for giving me a great motivation and inspiration. I will not let you down and I will try my best to study smart and make you proud to have me!

It takes a Mother's love - to make a house of home,
A place to be remembered - no matter where I room..
It takes a Mother's patience - to bring me up right.
And her courage and her cheerfulness - to make a dark day bright..
It takes a Mother's thoughtfulness - to mend the heart's "hurts,"
And her skill and her endurance - to mend little socks and shirts..
It takes a Mother's kindness - to forgive me when I'm wrong,
To sympathize in trouble - and bow her heard in prayer..
It takes a Mother's wisdom - to recognize my needs..
And to give me reassurance - by her loving words and deeds..
It takes a Mother's endless faith - her confidence and trust
To guide us through the pitfalls of selfishness and lust...
And that is way in all this world - there could be another
Who can fulfill ALLAH purpose - as completely as a MOTHER!

To all the reader,, n0 matter what,, parents will always be there and give everything they could just to make you happy.We don't appreciate all they do for us,,did we??..until it's too late.

Treat every relationship as if it's the last one,
then you will know how to Give.

Treat every moment as if it's the last day,
then you'll know how to Treasurer.

Treasure what you have right no,
or else may regret one day...

Dedicate this song to my mom
: I turn to you by christina aguilera..

About My Dad

Any man can be a father,
but it takes a special person
to be called Dad.

Hello everyone.. Previously I have talked about my mom.. Now let me share with you about my awesome and my HERO dad that never can never be replaced.. My dad is known as Ahmad Fadzlilllah Bin Omar. H0wever my father can be called Syakib which I don't even know where his got that name but he's famous in that named. My father have 14 family members and he is lucky number 7..

About my dad,,hmm~My dad is a person who is loving and kind heart. He often know what I have on my mind. He is someone who listens, suggests and defends me whenever and wherever I need. He is one of my very best friends!! He is proud of my triumphs, my dad's hands as soft as softener(hehehe) when I'm crying but when things go wrong, my dad's hand can be hard as steel. I remember when for the first time I see my dad's hands is bleeding but yet he still working and kept working until late night.

His sacrifice unselfishly just to keep us all fed up. How great he is!! He also capable in everything.. Almost all around our house if anything damage or need to fix up,he will be the one who can do all the things to fix it.In kitchen he is the master of everything. The most delicious he can cook is "magelek or wadi". It is popular in Indian culture which is known as vadai. It also a savory snack for south India. My dad has been master in making vadai/magelek/wadi by himself and it impressed me a lot. It is very delicious and crispy.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

whY CReaTed thiS bLog?

First of all, like I say, I'm currently studied at UiTM Kampus Bandaraya Melaka taking Bachelor in Business Management(Hons) Human Resource. My blog exist and create when En Harun who is my Information Technology (IT) lecturer given me an individual task to create a blog. This subject is all about technology, how wisely we used the computer, what is all about TECHNOLOGY That's the major reason why this blog is created.

Below is my lovable lecturer MGT 417 who support and help me out through this while. Thank you Sir for giving me advice and taught me how to done my task smoothly.

However, that's not a total reason why I created this blog. Me myself had want to make this blog since I entered university but I had no opportunity to do so until I had given this task to done it. So thank you Sir Harun who fulfill my need. Sir for your information, I'm starting to type fast right now..:))

I'm trying very hard and wondering how an earth I want to post my blog??, how to create a beautiful and interesting blog??, how I want follow my friends blog and so on...?? Luckily, thanks to all my friends especially my roommate Intan and Hidayah who helps me through all this while. I'll appreciate it. Love you deep2 lah..;p

It is not an easy to create an interesting blog and creative blog for me. But I'm still in learning process('',). Forgive me if my blog is dull and make you all boring to read it!. I'm still fixing my problem time to time. Honestly I share about everything and anything I feel and I know. Do please correct me and put some comment and also share your knowledge towards me if you willing to. Lots of love from me to you.