Wednesday, March 3, 2010

whY CReaTed thiS bLog?

First of all, like I say, I'm currently studied at UiTM Kampus Bandaraya Melaka taking Bachelor in Business Management(Hons) Human Resource. My blog exist and create when En Harun who is my Information Technology (IT) lecturer given me an individual task to create a blog. This subject is all about technology, how wisely we used the computer, what is all about TECHNOLOGY That's the major reason why this blog is created.

Below is my lovable lecturer MGT 417 who support and help me out through this while. Thank you Sir for giving me advice and taught me how to done my task smoothly.

However, that's not a total reason why I created this blog. Me myself had want to make this blog since I entered university but I had no opportunity to do so until I had given this task to done it. So thank you Sir Harun who fulfill my need. Sir for your information, I'm starting to type fast right now..:))

I'm trying very hard and wondering how an earth I want to post my blog??, how to create a beautiful and interesting blog??, how I want follow my friends blog and so on...?? Luckily, thanks to all my friends especially my roommate Intan and Hidayah who helps me through all this while. I'll appreciate it. Love you deep2 lah..;p

It is not an easy to create an interesting blog and creative blog for me. But I'm still in learning process('',). Forgive me if my blog is dull and make you all boring to read it!. I'm still fixing my problem time to time. Honestly I share about everything and anything I feel and I know. Do please correct me and put some comment and also share your knowledge towards me if you willing to. Lots of love from me to you.

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garasihilangmencari said...

your lecturer?cool bebeyh your lect!