Monday, March 8, 2010

About My Dad

Any man can be a father,
but it takes a special person
to be called Dad.

Hello everyone.. Previously I have talked about my mom.. Now let me share with you about my awesome and my HERO dad that never can never be replaced.. My dad is known as Ahmad Fadzlilllah Bin Omar. H0wever my father can be called Syakib which I don't even know where his got that name but he's famous in that named. My father have 14 family members and he is lucky number 7..

About my dad,,hmm~My dad is a person who is loving and kind heart. He often know what I have on my mind. He is someone who listens, suggests and defends me whenever and wherever I need. He is one of my very best friends!! He is proud of my triumphs, my dad's hands as soft as softener(hehehe) when I'm crying but when things go wrong, my dad's hand can be hard as steel. I remember when for the first time I see my dad's hands is bleeding but yet he still working and kept working until late night.

His sacrifice unselfishly just to keep us all fed up. How great he is!! He also capable in everything.. Almost all around our house if anything damage or need to fix up,he will be the one who can do all the things to fix it.In kitchen he is the master of everything. The most delicious he can cook is "magelek or wadi". It is popular in Indian culture which is known as vadai. It also a savory snack for south India. My dad has been master in making vadai/magelek/wadi by himself and it impressed me a lot. It is very delicious and crispy.

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garasihilangmencari said...

oh my god!VADAI! my FAV!nak sgt!!!!!