Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Me iN DeEp..:)


I just joined a few weeks ago and wanted to say hi. A few words about myself might serve as introduction.I'm n0t been addicted t0 blogger yet but i'm n0t sure if i'll be the next...:))

I have 5 family member :

  1. My brother named Ahmad Mahyuddin is working in Malacca as businessman
  2. My eldest sister Nurrulhidayah is studying in UTM Skudai taking Master on Science(Chemistry).
  3. Nurrulashikin is my 2nd sister and she is now still studying in UiTM City Campus Melaka taking Bachelor in Accountancy
  4. It's me..:))
  5. My youngest brother will be Ahmad Hafizuddin and he is still studying in Sekolah Menengah Mohd Khalid, Johor Bahru.

Abah and Mak,

Where I am today, is what you’re doing in all your life. All the time of your life you never forget about me, your daughter and also your others children’s. I’m really grateful to have you as my parents. For you, we must got more than what you have today. I love you more and more.Once I drop here, in UITM KBM ,you already told me to study hard, don’t play around and I was the only hope to change our life. after this, I’m the one who will help my other siblings. I need to be strong as I stay far from you.

Abang, Akak, Shikin and Hafiz

Thanks a lot, all this time you always helps me. When I’m in blank or not enough money you’re the one who will come in front of me to help me. You never refuse to help me. I’m sorry if all this time I make your life harder. I will never forget your help. All of you give me a lot of support. if not of your support, I will not standing here. Maybe I still at home, just eat and sleep all the time…

My Family,

Thanks a lot. You all completing my life’s hope our happiness will never be less. I love you all more than myself.

I'm not coming from a rich family but yet we are coming as an ordinary family who have lots of HAPPINESS & LOVE from each other. What i want to say next?? hmmm...Well literally speaking, I prefer t0 tell y0u 0ne thing for sure.. Please d0n't judge me in the way you read and l0ok okay..I'm n0t a good person and not either to0 bad pers0n.

I'm just a teenage girl wh0 wants free and full of happiness in her pathway life.. Life is beautiful t0 live f0r, never debate about what has happened in the past because p0stmortem is 0nly f0r c0rpes n0t f0r us the living and l0ving 0nes. So l0ve always. HATE NO ONE!.. When y0u can l0ve y0urself th0ugh y0u d0 l0ts of mistakes, why d0 y0u want t0 hate 0thers f0r their small mistakes???



garasihilangmencari said...

i miss you amy.sincere.<3

amy_Lacenza said...

mish u deep2 t0o..!!!:))
ketawa ikhlas okaiyh..:)

garasihilangmencari said...

amy.chaiyok2 k!be strong and keep maintain your study.yah!i'm agree family is everything in our life.miss you amy..<3 and i miss your mom's cooking!love it!mmuah!